Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Project Update

Alright, the project is starting to come together. Here is the current feature list

  1. Launching the Monitor/Controller on multiple machines allows you launch and manage multiple Nodes from one any Monitor/Controller.
  2. You can toggle between sending messages through PeerChannel or TCP
  3. At the end, each node can be told to upload it's data collected to the central SqlExpress server
  4. You can enable Graph Monitoring which uses a Microsoft Research Project called GLEE (Graph Layout Execution Engine) to graphically show the connections between machines for the Peer Network (Traditional TCP obviously looks like a star)

Here is a link the GLEE – it works really well. The biggest problem with my implementation is that the nodes are being updated periodically, and my graph view only updates on button click events which copies the data that was being stored. So it's not well synchronized or anything yet – and so if you click quickly it can show you different graphs. That is a pretty easy bug to address.

The next plan is get the software running on multiple machines and start testing the performance.

Once again – here is the link to the CodePlex Project --

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